Faction Champions
The Stones of Power
Game Storylines
The Land of Tempor

The Voidbringers Faction

Faction Champions

Galvanix Soul
the Hand of the Void

Thalix Bain
the Bone Collector

Aeri Swift
the Widowmaker

First Appearance: Hands of War IV
Games Involved In: Hands of War IV
Enemy Factions: The Alliance

Stoic and disciplined with an unquenchable desire for conquest, the Voidbringers arrived on Tempor through mysterious gateways and immediately began seizing control of vital territories. While little is known about their history or driving principles, they appear to be interested in Tempor's rich natural resources and will fight only when opposed. The appearance of the gateways so soon after the Faction Champions unified the Stones of Power indicates that the Voidbringers are somehow linked to origin of the stones.

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