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Thalix Bain, the Bone Collector

The Voidbringers

Female Wizard (Necromancer)

Usable Weapons:

Games Appearing In:
Hands of War IV

Background Story:
Often mistaken for her older sister, Thalix Bain carries a striking resemblance to Sakana. Although looks betray their kinship, many similarities end there. In their youth, the Sisters Bain endured hardship. Forced to fend for themselves by the abrupt disappearance of their parents, they held fast to the hope that they were alive and would one day be reunited. Abandoned to the city streets, the sisters turned to deception and cunning to provide for themselves. Haunted by their loss, Thalix would often catch glimpses of her parent's faces in the sea of people, only to discover she had been mistaken. Despite the pain and despair, she found comfort in the sightings.

As time progressed, the visions increased, and though the feelings were bittersweet, Thalix yearned for them. The sightings served as a reminder that her parents might live and provided the necessary hope to struggle through another day. One cold winter morning, the sisters came across a group of people circling the bodies of a lifeless couple. As the townsfolk murmured their concerns, Thalix stood staring blankly at the forms of her parents lying crumpled in the street. Thalix felt desperation stirring within. As the gathering dwindled, Sakana pulled at her sister pleading, "we don't know them Thal," but her sister held firm and watched vacantly as the corpses of her parents were carted away.

Following closely, she could hear the cart screeching and grinding over the cobbled streets, as though her parents called to her in broken voices. With each step, she felt the anguish rippling through her body. By the time the cart halted before the House of Ascension, the desperate pulse had grown into a tempest surging within. As the Sender's laid hands on the corpses, Thalix felt a hand grasp her by the arm, "Thal, that's not them!" She reacted quickly, no longer able to hold the storm at bay. It came flooding forth like a raging storm, and a wave of power erupted from her, knocking her sister back. Thalix sank to her knees and began to sob as the Senders abandoned their task and fled in fear. Sakana regained her footing and knelt to comfort her sister.

"Kana, I'm sorry..." Thalix whispered, "I don't know what happened."

"Peace, sister. We will find them."

Hearing murmurs, Sakana lifted her gaze from her sister to find that a crowd had formed. The cart that held the bodies laid shattered in splinters with the corpses of the fallen couple resting against each other on the ground, each with a comforting arm reaching toward Thalix.

The years following Thalix's revelation, the visions occurred less and less. During this time, she realized that she had an affinity with the dead. The bodies called to her, emanating an energy that increased as Thalix neared. She couldn't explain her connection to them but could feel her powers grow each time she answered their call. In her sister's daring rise to power in the Glorious Legion, Thalix could be found amongst the fallen bodies of enemies and allies where she basked in the strength she found. In the final encounter with the Voidbringers, Thalix battled alongside her sister in an effort to drive back the invaders. The Voidbringers attacked the sisters relentlessly, but with each enemy the sisters fell, Thalix raised another soldier to bolster their ranks. Alongside risen friend and foe, the sisters were responsible for holding the Voidbringers at bay. Together they brought such devastation to the enemy forces, that Galvanix Soul, Heir to the Hand of the Void, was forced to settle for peace.

The ensuing treaty between the Voidbringers and the Glorious Legion required that Sakana choose an envoy to serve to the Void as a sign of good faith. Trusting no other to the task, the sisters agreed that Thalix should become the Legion's ward. Upon her arrival at the Voidbringers' camp, Thalix realized that her once enemies carried an odd respect toward her. Walking through the files of the camp, she could feel pockets of dark energy rippling through the air, like stones dropped into a pond. The unknown sources of energy called to her, different from the corpses that she had grown accustomed to. Just as she was settling into her quarters, she heard a single, hard knock on the post of her tent. Opening the flap, she found Galvanix, who turned his back to her and began walking away. "Follow. We have many like you," he commanded. Then softer, almost to himself, he said, "but few as powerful, I think." Falling in line, she trailed Galvanix through the camp. And as she met the eyes of the soliders, Thalix heard many whisper, "Bone Collector" as they nodded in respect.

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