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The three Stone of Power are magical artifacts that increase certain physical or mental attributes of its wielder. The stones were originally discovered in the northern jungles of Tempor in the aftermath of a meteor shower long ago. While the existence of the Mindstone and Soulstone were recently discovered, the Heartstone has always been at the center of Temporian conflict - both internal and external.

Each of the three stones has a mysterious and unique lure to attract like-minded individuals to its power. The Heartstone calls out to warriors who have a passion and thirst for battle, The Soulstone speaks to the individual who understands balance and harmony, and The Mindstone draws out those who have an intellectual affinity for magic. For this reason, it is no surprise that the three Champions of the martial factions: Aryn Gardius, Malistar Thorn, and Serene Cole came to possess the Soulstone, Heartstone, and Mindstone at the end of the events in Hands of War 3.

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