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The Shadow Runner Faction

Faction Champion

Beldon Ax
the Shadow Knight

First Appearance: Hands of War I
Games Involved In: Hands of War III, Hands of War I
Enemy Factions: The Alliance

Description - Hands of War III
Originating from a distant land, the Shadow Runners travel to peaceful nations attempting to better the lives of the inhabitants through their teachings. They believe that weakness and vulnerability originate from peaceful and passive living, and that it is only through war and conflict that advances in self and society are achieved. Furthermore, the Shadow Runners believe that it is the right and duty of the most powerful to rule. In their society, it is common practice members to challenge their superiors to duels to the death for their rank, position and wealth.

Description - Hands of War I
A cruel and harsh people, the Shadow Runners believe that the powerful should rule. During Hands of War, they invaded Tempor in attempts to overthrow the passive rulers: The Alliance.

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