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Serene Cole, the Arcane Maven

The Magicians

Female Wizard (Mind Bender)

Usable Weapons:

Games Appearing In:
Hands of War IV
Hands of War III

Background Story:
Tall and slender with blonde hair and blue eyes. Sereneís beauty is legendary and second only to her skill with magic. Born to a common family, her unusual affinity for the arcane arts attracted the attention of the Magicians who quickly recruited her into their ranks. Feeling at home among fellow magic-users, Serene grew into one of the most powerful wizards in Tempor and played several key roles in the defense of Tempor during the invasion. Her beauty and skill combined with the Magicianís teachings of arcane supremacy led Serene to be slow to respect others. Though she is not as arrogant as some members of the Magicians, Serene does not tolerate incompetence and has little patience for those who have not demonstrated their worth.

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