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The Land of Tempor

Saradyn Red, the Scarlet Tempest

Keepers of the Red Sand

Female Wizard (Pyromancer)

Usable Weapons:

Games Appearing In:
Hands of War IV

Background Story:
Average height and thin with fire-red hair and light red eyes. The mysteries and rumors surrounding the sudden appearance of Saradyn and her faction of pit fighters swirl nearly as much as the flames that are often seen dancing about her. Those who were brave enough to approach her found her temper to be as hot as the fire, and the ones who survived the encounter were too scared to speak of it. From what was gathered from lower ranking Keepers of the Red Sand, Saradyn is the undefeated champion of their gladiator pit and the one responsible for their move to Tempor—in hopes of finding more worthy challengers. While her intentions are uncertain, it is clear that Saradyn speaks only to members of her own order, and acceptance into their ranks is a long and bloody path.

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