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Sakana Bain, the Maiden of Mist

The Glorious Legion

Female Warrior (Rogue)

Usable Weapons:
(2) 1h Swords

Games Appearing In:
Hands of War IV

Background Story:
Dark black hair with misty violet eyes and a petite frame, Sakana Bain and her younger sister Thalix grew up homeless and starving in the back alleys of a distant city in a land far away from Tempor. Made orphans and destitute by the sudden and mysterious disappearance of their parents, Sakana and her sister learned to fight, steal, and deceive in order to survive. When the Voidbringers invaded her homeland, Sakana saw it as an opportunity for her and her sister to escape their fate and attempt to discover what happened to their parents. In a daring move, she disguised herself as the king's wife and set up a secret meeting with the leader of the Glorious Legion - the military faction responsible for defending her homeland.

Sakana implored the Legion's champion to join with the Voidbringers instead of fighting a hopeless battle. She refused, and Sakana took matters into her own hands, assassinating the Champion and assuming her identity. For three weeks, Sakana fooled even the elite members of the faction as she and her sister Thalix battled back the invaders. In the end, Sakana managed to forge a tenuous, subservient alliance with the Voidbringers. When Sakana's rouse was finally discovered, and the members of the faction learned of her daring coup, no one voiced challenge to her capabilities or right to lead. She has led the Glorious Legion ever since. Sakana's Legion, though separate from the Voidbringers, now travels and assists with their invasions and conquests. It is through these explorations that she and her sister hope to find answers about the disappearance of their parents.

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