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The Land of Tempor

The Mercenaries Faction

Faction Champion

Aeri Swift
the Widowmaker

First Appearance: Hands of War I
Games Involved In: Hands of War III, Hands of War TD, Hands of War II, Hands of War I
Enemy Factions: The Merchant's Guild (HoW III, II, I)
The Commoners (HoW III)

Description - Hands of War III
Despite the alliance formed during the invasion and defense of Tempor, the Mercenaries had no intention of burying the hatchet forever. Once the nation was secure, they resumed their battle against the greed and corruption of the Merchant's Guild but also found another source for their contempt. Believing that wealth and land should belong to those who are strong enough to take it, the Mercenaries now found themselves at odds with the socialistic Commoners who fought to spread the wealth to everyone regardless of individual merit.

Description - Hands of War TD, II, I
Former soldiers driven rogue by their hatred for corrupt merchant officials, the Mercenaries' goal is to disrupt the trade between cities in efforts to end the monopoly that the Merchant's Guild holds over the citizens of Tempor.

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