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Maris Dae, the Radiant Light

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Female Wizard (Lightweaver)

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Games Appearing In:
Hands of War IV

Background Story:
Tall and slender with brown hair and dark blue eyes, Maris Dae spent the years of her childhood alone. During Triton Steel's quest to unite Tempor against invaiders, many orphans were made, and Maris was discovered by Steel himself amidst the corpses of friend and foe, asleep. Under his orders, the soldiers delivered Maris to the Ancient Fortress, where she began serving the Guardian forces. Shortly after her arrival, her caretakers took notice of strange happenings. The children complained of being startled in the night by the light of a thousand torches and flashes of lightning without storms. No one in the Fortress could explain these phenomena and no one suspected the cause of these strange events. It wasn't until Serene Cole, the Arcane Maven, was passing nearby through Aegenrest that anyone could pinpoint the source. While tracking the source of the magic, Serene could see bursts of light within the Fortress, and upon arriving, met with the caretakers who did their best to explain these odd occurrences.

They led Cole to the quarters that housed the children where they could hear the children snickering and complaining amongst themselves. All of the children had been startled from their sleep by the disturbance, except one. Cole could feel the source of the energy within the room. Kneeling beside the sleeping child, she roused her gently; upon her touch Maris bolted upright. Cole could feel the energy growing within the child as she woke, and quickly raised a curtain of arcane energy; shielding her from the burst of light. While the rest of the room struggled and muttered as they regained their sight, Cole could see the surprise on Maris' face. Impressed by her talent, Cole brought Maris to the Arcane Sanctum; where she began training Maris to be her right hand. She excelled, achieving a level of magical prowess that only Arch Mistress Cole could best. During the War of the Three Stones, Maris took notice the effects a divided Tempor had on the people. Swearing to save others from sharing her fate, Maris left her position in the Sanctum and returned to the Fortress. She volunteered her service to Steele and his Alliance in order to unite Tempor once more. During the War of the Three Stones, she soared through the ranks and quickly became the Arch Mistress of the Allied Sorcerers where she earned the moniker, the Radiant Light.

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