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Malistar Thorn, the Sword of Blood

The Blademasters

Male Warrior (Berserker)

Usable Weapons:
2h Sword

Games Appearing In:
Hands of War IV
Hands of War III

Background Story:
Large and muscular with flowing black hair and yellow eyes, Malistar is considered to be the largest and strongest man in Tempor. As a child, he trained at the Guardianís academy with Triton Steel before being expelled for accidentally killing one of his trainers during a sparring session. He was soon recruited by the Blademaster where he learned to control his power. Rising quickly through their ranks, Malistar adopted the Blademasterís disdain for the less honorable ways of combat that the Warders and Magicians employ. Though they share different views on many things, Malistar was one of the first Temporians to answer Tritonís request for aid when the invasion began.

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