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The Stones of Power
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The Land of Tempor

The Magicians Faction

Faction Champion

Serene Cole
the Arcane Maven

First Appearance: Hands of War I
Games Involved In: Hands of War IV, Hands of War III, Hands of War TD, Hands of War II, Hands of War I
Enemy Factions: The Glorious Legion (HoW IV)
The Warders (HoW III, II, I)
The Blademasters (HoW III, II, I)

An ancient and arrogant group of Tempor's best wizards, the Magicians hold the secrets to the most powerful magic and regard those who lack the skill to wield magic as beneath them. Following the discovery of the three Stones of Power, the Magician Champion, Serene Cole, was charged with the possession and protection of the Mindstone.

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