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Hands of War Tower Defense Storyline

Hands of War Tower Defense takes place between the events of Hands of War 2 and Hands of War 3.

Intro Story

Never in your young life could you have imagined a struggle so devastating as the one unfolding around you. Within the ivory walls of the ancient fortress, legendary figures destroyed each other.

The epic sounds of struggle brought you to the threshold of the chamber where the champions of the guardians and the phoenix faced each other in mortal combat.

It took every bit of courage to peer through the opened doorway. And as you did, the bleeding form of Gardius, perhaps the greatest champion in all Tempor, fell into your arms, the flickering Heartstone clutched to his bloody frame.

"This was not meant to fracture us." Gardius pushed the Heartstone against your chest, its light fading as he did, "reunite Tempor - be its custodian." and with that, he bestowed upon you, a simple page, the most powerful item in all Tempor.

Immediately you felt the absence of the Heartstone's power - it was gone...faded somehow... even so, you could still sense what had drawn men - and would still draw them - to crave possession of this relic.

"Reunite Tempor." Gardius' last words echoed in your ears. It would be the rallying cry.

The power of the Heartstone has mysteriously faded, and the land of Tempor lies ruined. Torn by years of civil war, the once proud country is again shattered, in flames, and what is more, overrun by a new set of mysterious invaders from a far off land.

Even the capital - its ruin a testament to the destructive struggle between the warring factions of Tempor - invaders flood the roadways.

With the black council and their champion fallen in the last war, the chastened vestiges of the Phoenix try desperately to defend the once proud heart of their nation, but they are vastly outnumbered by this conquering force.

In-game Storyline

Close to the heart of the nation, the three most powerful groups on Tempor all have their strongholds. The Blademasters, the Magicians, and the Warders have torn the land with their endless battles but now they are all hard pressed to hold off the waves of invaders suddenly flooding the nation. You must help them hold off the attacks, but you also find yourself wondering where these new attackers have come from, and what they could be hoping to gain from taking what appears to be a lifeless Heartstone...

The so-called gold coast of Tempor was the birthplace and hub of all trade in the nation. Now, though, like the rest of your home, it is besieged by foreign invaders seeking to take the Heartstone from you and finish the destruction that the civil wars began. Knowing that the money of the Merchants Guild will be crucial to any defense of Tempor, the daunting task ahead of you is not just to push back the crazed invaders, but also to convince the proud merchants to put aside their long struggle with their rival mercenaries and help fund the effort to reunite Tempor.

Tempor's true natives and original defenders, the Blademasters have always stood for what it was to be Temporian. Their territorial and tactical knowledge - not to mention their sheer ferocity - make them powerful allies, who will form the heart of your defensive force to throw back the invaders. Is it possible, you wonder, that you actually felt a flicker of power in the Heartstone, too? It still does not glow, though. Here in their ancestral home, the Blademasters have agreed to aid you, even in defense of the Warder and Magician camps. With you at their head, is it possible their enemies will also begin to see them in a new light?

Having secured the parts of Tempor closest to the capital, your growing group of defenders are moving into the great crossing of Tempor's rivers - the veins and arteries of the heartland. Here, all factions gather in great cities by the water. Cities which are overrun by the invaders. Are you up to the task of pushing the outsiders back, securing more money and Mercenaries in the process, and convincing the Guardians and Phoenix that your cause can truly achieve its goal to reunite Tempor?

Always on the fringes of the great centers of Tempor, the Mercenaries had never quite established a domain of their own. Never as rich as the Merchants, never as valued as one of the true class factions, they led nomadic lives - wandering from land to land, lord to lord, job to job. They fought for the money, true, but also for the chips on their shoulders. Can you convince them to join your side, to unite and come to the aid of the straggling Guardian defenders, fighting desperately to hold back the waves of mysterious enemies flooding the nation?

Long the caretakers of knowledge of all kinds, the Magicians were not only ready for your request to reunite Tempor, but had already prophesied the time and source of the invasion to share with you. They did not know where the invaders had originated, but they knew where they had landed on the Tempor coast. Flattered by your obvious respect for their knowledge and abilities, they have graciously agreed to respect the virtues of your Blademaster and Warder allies, and add their own abilities to your side. Even so, you know they still hold secrets, and they tease you with hints of knowledge about what can be done to restore the Heartstone...

Before you lies the last encampments before the coast - the apparent source of the invasion. The southern border must be secured before the defense of the easternmost reaches of Tempor can even begin. A group of merchants have attempted to set up camp north of a more established Phoenix town, but both are feeling the wrath of invasion. Your forces and tactics have slowly become more efficient. Will you be able to hold off the defenders, seal the southern border, and give the struggling Temporians a chance to solidify their hold on this strategically important area?

Always somber and reverent, the warders were first drawn to Tempor by the potential misuse of the Heartstone. Their aloof, mysterious ways bred distrust among the Blademasters and magicians - leading to numerous theological disputes which ultimately turned violent, sweeping the warders into the bitter infighting which has divided Tempor for generations. After years of fighting, resources are now limited, and the Warders are not just expert at rationing, but also extremely clever - able to find new and unexpected uses for things. You feel, though, that perhaps their greatest contribution will be their calm, respectful ways. Can their inherent pacifism help you reunite Tempor?

Rocky and forlorn, long abandoned due to its unwelcoming shores and its lack of beauty, it was exactly this loneliness which had made the old coast the perfect stage for an invasion. Always taking their cues from the brave Gardius, the Guardians quickly rushed to the point of attack. They were quickly overwhelmed and the last defenders are barely clinging on to their positions. Here, so close to victory, you must battle more desperately than you yet have. Can you defeat the invaders once and for all and finally reunite Tempor?

"Reunite Tempor." What began as the final words of a dying champion of Tempor has now become the battle cry of the nation's new defenders, all factions proudly calling themselves Temporians.
Tempor has been defended!
Tempor has been reunited!
Victory is yours!

But while this victory is savored, questions still remain. Where did the invaders come from? Will there be others who seek the Heartstone? And more importantly, why has the Heartstone's power faded? And once again, the hands of war rest...for now.

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