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Hands of War Storyline

The events in Hands of War take place before the events in Hands of War 2.

Background Story

Hands of War takes place in the nation of Tempor, rule peacefully by the Alliance faction. In the months leading up to the events in Hands of War, an unknown group of people known as the Shadow Runners invaded Tempor and started teaching their radical beliefs. Eventually, tension turned to violence and war between the Alliance and Shadow Runners erupted. Both sides fearing defeat, they look for a hero daring enough to attempt to recover a powerful artifact that will tip the scale of war in their favor.

Game Intro Story

In a land divided by civil war, a single action can sway victory...but for whom?

Two main factions struggle for power: The Alliance and the Shadow Runners

All factions have their own beliefs and morals. It is up to you to decide who you will aid and who you will make your enemy.

In-game Story

The events of Hands of War, whether you choose to side with the Alliance or the Shadow Runners, involve finding the broken pieces of a powerfurl artifact known as the Heartstone. Each piece is hidden deep inside of a cave and guarded by a powerful monster. Once you have gathered all four shards of the Heartstone, you reunite the parts and slay the leader of the opposing faction.

Ending Story

You are victorious. Your enemies are defeated. Power and authority are in the hands of your allies.

Your deeds will fade into legend, but whether you are remembered as as hero or villian will depend on who tells the story.

And the Hands of War are idle...

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