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Hands of War Strategy Guide

This guide was written by ShintetsuWA and originally published on ArmorGames.com

Table of Contents

I. Introduction to Hands of War
II. Overview
III. Classes
IV. Playing the Game
V. The Toolbar
VI. F.A.Q's

I. Introduction to Hands of War

Hands of War -- a highly-rated adventure/RPG game from Axis Games that is very addicting to those free-roamer junkies. There is much gameplay to be..erm, played, and a bucket full of quests to try out. Inside, you will find pretty much anything you will need to play the game fully and enjoy it all the more.

II. Overview

You are a traveler, in a land devastated by civil war between the factions. You are to set out and do whatever it is that YOU, the player, desire. Shall you go forth and fight alongside the noble Alliance to fight against the Shadow Runners? Will you be a wise Magician and fight everything in their name? Or will you be a resourceful Tracker that preserves everything natural in law? Choose wisely. The actions you take will have a positive and negative factor on just what people see you in their eyes.

III. Classes

There are three classes, each having their own unique specialties and skills. After you choose your character, you must type in its name where it says "Character Name" in the middle. Pick one that you will naturally be better skilled in:

Warrior: A classic battle character that is trained in power, defense and strength, which enemies find hard to chew. His skills make him a worthy adversary, while the opposite for the enemies, as he can cut down his foes in one fell swoop. This class is recommended for the beginners. The Blademasters are the perfect faction for this person.

  • Melee sword attacks
  • High armor
  • Fast health recovery rate
  • High health

Ranger: A well-rounded character that starts off weak, but gradually gets better off as you progress in the game. Because of his high speed, he is able to traverse quicker than the other characters in the map, evading enemy attacks all the simpler. With his bow, he is able to pick off enemies from a distance without so much as a single threat ; however, when trapped or ganged on by multiple enemies, he will get hurt quickly and his health will drain in a snap. Recommended for the intermediate players who wish to have a little challenge. The Trackers are the perfect faction for this person.

  • Ranged bow attacks
  • Fast attacks
  • Average health/energy recovery rate
  • Fast movement speed

Wizard: The classic mage who is equipped with a variety of spells. The keywords here are 'high damage' and 'fast energy recovery rate', as both of these are important in the latter part of the game. He will do the greatest damage of all, while recovering his energy faster than the other characters. His health, however, is dangerously slow and low, making a rather easy target for his enemies. His main attack is slower than the ranger and warrior's, and his defense is pretty low to start off. This is recommended for the expert players, as survival is a fickle thing for this old man. The Magicians is the perfect faction for this character.

  • Ranged spell attacks
  • High damage
  • Fast energy recovery rate
  • High energy

IV. Playing the Game

So you've chosen your character and are ready to start your grand adventure in this 2-d world of Hands of War. Great! Oh no, you're naked! That's okay. Perform quests and obtain enough gold and your wardrobe problems will be solved momentarily.

Basic Controls

  • WASD keys for movement, mouse to aim, and left click to grab items and manage your inventory and shop.
  • Navigate your character across the map and move to the end of the screen to move to a new panel.
  • Your toolbar is down on the bottom-right of the screen to open up certain things, such as the map, and your character stats.


  • Using your mouse will make your character face a certain direction
  • You must face the direction of your target before you left-click to attack it
  • To choose a spell, click on the spell in mind at the lower-left portion of the screen
  • Afterwords, aim at the enemy and click as you would a regular attack. Special skills generally take time for it to charge
  • Return to your normal attack by clicking on the first icon

What's Shown on the Screen

  • You can see your progress of killing the enemy at the upper-right portion of the screen. You can see its health bar (red), level circle, faction it belongs to, and its name
  • Your character is shown at the upper-left portion of the screen. You can see your health bar (red), your energy bar (blue), your experience bar (green), your level circle, and your name
  • The number of potions are shown just below. Blue is for your energy, and red is for your health. You can click on either one to restore the bar, but a faster way is to press the correct button on the keyboard. Q is for energy, and E is for health
  • The skill keys are down at the lower-left portion of the screen. Again, clicking them is one way, but pressing the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 keys will be much faster, trust me.

Items, and Picking Them Up

Items are necessary for survival, believe it or not. They come in a variety of colors and picking out which is which can be handy. To grab an item from the field of battle, simply click on it. It will automatically be stored in your inventory. Too many items inside means that you will no longer be able to pick up new items until you drop or sell the old ones. You can only sell items for gold in cities. Trying to sell them in the wilderness will drop them.

There are also different kinds of items, specifically weaponry :

  • Yellow -- Normal, everyday items you could buy at the store
  • Orange -- Set items that come together with other parts of the body that have the same name: (e.g. Gladiator's Blade, Gladiator's Vambraces).
  • Purple -- Unique items that are generally the best of its kind. I'm going to go ahead and say that there are 4 kinds of unique items PER CLASS, PER ARMOR PIECE and WEAPON.


Unique characters, such as those that would give you quests, will be shown with a color circle around him/her. Simply move to that character to 'interact' with them. Depending on that person and their color, you will receive different responses.

What the colors mean

  • Yellow -- Has quest to give. Your influence in a faction will determine whether he/she will give you that quest or not.
  • Green -- You have completed this quest, and he/she is ready to give you your reward.
  • Black -- You have already received this person's quest and are currently working on completing it.
  • Orange -- This character has training services.
  • Brown -- This character has trading services. Depending on your influence, he/she may allow services or refuse them.
  • Blue -- This character can save your game for you. Click and wait for the bar to completely charge and the game is saved.

V. The Toolbar

The toolbar contains many sections of the game that you might need to manage and check. Here's a list of the sections and a brief description of each:


Shows your inventory, equipped weaponry, stats, and money. If you have something you want equipped and it's in your inventory, simply click, drag 'n' drop it to the correct place (e.g. boots go to the boots panel). Every time you level up by getting enough experience, you will gain stat points to use on your attributes. Choose wisely, as you cannot retrieve your precious points again. Here's a list of the stats and what they are used for:

  • Strength -- Increases damage from melee weapons (keep out of reach from rangers and wizards)
  • Intelligence -- Increases your max energy and energy recovery rate.
  • Agility -- Increases run speed and damage dealt with bows (Keep out of reach from warriors and wizards).
  • Vitality -- Increases your maximum health and health recovery rate.
  • Focus -- Increase damage dealt with spells (Keep out of reach from warriors and rangers)
  • Armor -- you can't increase this with points, it just shows you how much total armor points you have from your equipment.

The Map

This shows the world of 2-D Land in Hands of War RPG. Included are the symbols of every faction, where you are currently located, and the towns from which you can buy things from and save at. Using the map correctly will help complete quests faster and help you in times of chaos.


Your current selection of spells and skills that you can use in battle. From here, you can switch the hotkey order and remove spells from that slot. Simply drag 'n' drop the icon from the left to the right slots and you're done! Also shows the description of the spell, how much energy it costs, and how long it takes for the spell to charge up.

Quest Log

Shows the current quests you have accepted. Includes the description of the quest in detail, and the option to opt out of the quest, allowing you to do it some other time.


The handful of 'clubs' in Hands of War RPG. Each has their description, whose enemy they fight against, and your current influence in that faction.

  • The Alliance (blue star)
  • Shadow Runners (red...leaf thingy)
  • Merchant's Guild (gold scales)
  • The Mercenaries (crimson Stamp)
  • Trackers (green and orange swirl)
  • The Magicians (silver staff)
  • The Blademasters (blue and red swords)

Each of these factions has their own specific 'influence', which you can alter by helping/hurting them. Killing their own people and finishing the enemies' quests will lower their influence, while killing their enemies and finishing their own quests will raise their influence. Each 'level' has its own color and condition over you:

  • Green -- Ally: Total bud, allows for any quest from that faction to be taken. Required for faction's epic quest.
  • Blue -- Friendly: Pals. Allows for quests to be taken, although some quests require more influence than others.
  • Grey -- Neutral: Okay with you. Considers you normal and uninfluenced in any way. Quests from factions (other than level one quests) require positive influence in order for you to do quests for them.
  • Orange -- Unfriendly: Grudge against you. Will not attack you, although it's a long climb to get them back to neutral. Quest givers will not give you quests. TRADERS WILL NOT ALLOW SERVICES IF YOU ARE UNFRIENDLY!!
  • Red -- Kill on Sight: Uh-oh, you've been marked for death. Don't worry though, they will only engage in combat if they see you, though it will be difficult to traverse freely.

Game Controls

Allows for certain tweaks in the game. Turn sound/music on/off, adjust the graphics quality, turn the tutorial pop-ups on/off, configure the interface, and view the list of tutorials given.

VI. F.A.Q's

Q - How come I can't cross the bridge to the second town?

A - You have to complete the first heart piece quest. See either the Alliance or Shadow Runner captain in the first town first, for them to give you the quest. Next, venture into the cave closest to the first town and complete the quest. Sorry, no spoilers as to what's inside.

Q - What's the best attributes for each class?

A - Warrior: Lotsa Strength, Vitality, some Intelligence, but not a whole lot. Ranger : Lotsa Agility, Some Vitality, Some Intelligence Mage : Lotsa Focus, Lotsa Intelligence, good amount of Vitality. As for specifics, that's up to you to decide what's best.

Q - How do you get moar uber weaponz?!?

A - It all depends on luck. The boss of each cave will most definitely drop a unique item, though it is uncertain as to what really is dropped. Keep fighting, and you will eventually have some goodies to hoard.

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