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Hands of War 2 Storyline

Hands of War 2 takes place between the events of Hands of War and Hands of War Tower Defense.

Intro Story

The years following the war between the Alliance and Shadow Runners left the land of Tempor in a vulnerable position. While the victors celebrated the defeat of their enemies, neighboring nations looked toward a weakened Tempor with a conquering eye.

Despite the power of the Heartstone, the remnants of the Shadow Runners and Alliance were forced to set aside their differences and unite against an impending invasion. In desperation, they put to rest their old ties and ways and formed a new faction: the Phoenix.

The Heartstone, feared to be too powerful for one person to own, was given to a newly elected council of the Phoenix. They became known as the Black Council, for it was their charge to determine when a situation was dire enough to warrant the use of the Heartstone.

Under the rule of the Phoenix, a united Tempor defended its lands against its invaders. The once war-torn villages grew into prosperous towns and Tempor's army swelled to record numbers.

Debate quickly rose among the Phoenix over whether to take revenge against the nations that invaded Tempor. Some argued that it was their duty to conquer the lands that once tried to conquer them, while others insisted that further war would only bring more pain and suffering.

The Black Council, driven by the might of the Heartstone and their thirst for power, became relentless in their push for conquest. In a swift stroke to ensure their wishes were fulfilled, they issued exile commands for all those opposed to their will.

On the eve of the grand exile, Brin Gardius, the leader of the opposition to the Black Council, sneaked into the resting place of the Heartstone and stole it.

Knowing the Black Council would not declare war without the Heartstone, Gardius took and hid it in an unknown location before Phoenix assassins caught up with him and ended his life.

In his honor, the exiled citizens banded together and formed the Guardian faction to oppose the Phoenix's lust for revenge.

As Tempor prepares for war, a familiar stage is set. History has shown the power a single adventurerís decisions can have on a nation. Will you have such an effect?

In-game Story

Similar to the events in the origial Hands of War, you, as the champion of your selected faction (Phoenix or Guardians) must find and reassemble the broken shards of the Heartstone. For a detailed description of how the story unfolds, you can read all of the quests at here: Guardians Quest Storyline or Phoenix Quest Storyline.

Ending Story

The bells across Tempor ring with your victory. Your enemies have been scattered and your allies regard you as a hero.

Your name will go down in history as the famous adventurer who brought an end to Tempor's second civil war.

But whether you are remembered as a hero or a tyrant... Well that will depend on who tells the story.

And once again... The hands of war are idle...

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