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The Land of Tempor

The Glorious Legion Faction

Faction Champions

Sakana Bain
the Maiden of Mist

Averin Daze
the Black Arrow

Gavin Yuri
the Rogue Hydromancer

First Appearance: Hands of War IV
Games Involved In: Hands of War IV
Enemy Factions: The Warders
The Blademasters
The Magicians

Once the defenders of a proud nation many shores away from Tempor, the Golorious Legion is a group of highly skilled and dedicated Rangers, Wizards, and Warriors. Their ability to synergize the melee, magical, and ranged aspects of military combat granted them centuries of peaceful prosperity. Despite their renowned ability to defend their homeland, when the Voidbringers invaded, the Glorious Legion was no match. Facing the impending destruction of defeat, the Legion pledged their swords, bows, and wands to the will of the Void in exchange for their lives. It was a credit to the Legion's combat effectiveness that the Voidbringers allowed the faction to remain intact rather than enlisting their members into their ranks.

Though the factions remain separate, the Legion assists the Voidbringers in their invasions and remains subservient to them. After years of close proximity, the Legion began to combine some of the Void's darker approaches to magic and combat with their own more traditional style. This produced a dangerously effective set of skills and fueled the Legion to promote this new martial style in an effort to recruit new members. When the Glorious Legion came with the Voidbringers to Tempor, the existing martial factions (Blademasters, Magicians, Warders) took great offense to not only the invasion of their homeland, but also the promotion of this new, darker form of combat. As the Alliance and Voidbringers wage their war, the Legion and martial factions of Tempor battle for the service of the land's Warriors, Wizards, and Rangers.

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