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Gavin Yuri, the Rogue Hydromancer

The Glorious Legion
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Male Wizard (Ice Caller)

Usable Weapons:

Games Appearing In:
Hands of War IV
Hands of War III

Background Story:
Short and thin with brown hair and glowing blue eyes, Gavin spent the first 13 years of his life as a scrawny target for bullies and thieves. His dream was to become a member of the Magicians, but was rejected year after year for his lack of magical affinity. On his 14th birthday Gavinís arcane abilities suddenly manifested and the puny youth found himself in control of substantial powers. With his rejections and mistreatments fresh in his mind, he vowed to use his gifts for the good of those who were oppressed, and decided against joining the Magicians who were now offering admittance. He first rid his small village of bandits, cutpurses, and murderers, and upon hearing of the struggles the working class and farmers were having across Tempor, set out to their aid. Playing a key role in the formation of the Commoners faction, Gavin made powerfully allies and developed his own abilities.

At the end of the second Shadow Runner invasion (Hands of War 3), Gavins's Commoners, along with its two warring factions, found themselves hopelessly few in numbers. Their quest to rid Tempor of greed and theft took its toll on their ranks, and shortly before the Voidbringer invasion, Gavin officially disbanded the few remaining members. After the invasion began, Gavin saw his two greatest enemies - Axl Torin and Aeri Swift - join opposite factions in this new civil war, and Gavin again found himself without a place. Still bitter from the rejection of the Magician's faction in his youth, Gavin searched for a new faction that didn't boast its superiority and exclude member from their ranks. Coming across a camp of the new Glorious Legion faction, Gavin was impressed with their openness regarding the various forms of martial styles and watched their sparring matches for quite some time. Lost in thought, Gavin did not notice a figure approaching from the shadows of the forest.
      "I would think a man of your talent would prefer action over observations" chimed a soft voice coming to stand next to Gavin. "In the Legion, we accept all martial arts, and do not quibble about which is better like these Temporian martial factions do. We work together to find a better life for everyone, just not those who share our way of life - or fighting."
      "I've spent the past few years attempting to do just the same," replied Gavin.
      "That I know. We have studied you and your enemies quite a lot, Hydromancer." Sakana turned and looked up to meet Gavin's eyes. She raised the corner of her mouth in a smile and gave a short nod. "Welcome to the Glorious Legion. Let me show you around."

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