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Galvanix Soul, the Hand of the Void

The Voidbringers

Male Warrior (Dread Knight)

Usable Weapons:
1h Sword / Shield or 2h Sword

Games Appearing In:
Hands of War IV

Background Story:
Black hair with black eyes and a towering frame, Galvanix Soul is the epitome of the Voidbringer ideal. Emotionless, merciless, and relentless, Galvanix learned leadership and the Way of the Void from his father and previous Voidbringer champion Esserix Soul. As a youth, Galvanix excelled in every form of melee combat and military tactics, and on the evening of his 16th birthday, the war bells rang to assemble the Voidbringers for invasion. Galvanix, eager to prove his worth, pleaded with and convinced his father to allow him to come. Encountering a devastating military force, many of the Voidbringer commanders - including Esserix - suffered grave wounds and were unable to continue fighting.

Galvanix, who was ordered to observe from the rear guard, could remain idle no longer and drew his sword in a charge. In a beautiful display of blood and death, Galvanix laid waste to the enemy lines and single-handedly won the day for the Voidbringers. In the aftermath of the battle, Galvanix received a parley request from the enemy leader. It was in this meeting that Galvanix first met Sakana Bain and accepted her army's surrender in exchange for their service in future invasions. Galvanix returned home a hero and retained his assumed leadership position as his father proudly abdicated to his son. Seven years later, when the war bells rang again, Galvanix assembled his army and set his eyes on Tempor.

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