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The Land of Tempor

The Commoners Faction

Faction Champion

Gavin Yuri
the Rogue Hydromancer

First Appearance: Hands of War III
Games Involved In: Hands of War III
Enemy Factions: The Mercenaries
The Merchant's Guild

Description - Hands of War III
Overlooked and forgotten, the common citizens of Tempor struggled to survive in the aftermath of the civil war and subsequent invasion. While the noblemen of the Merchant Guild were busy trying to curry favor with the newly formed members of the Alliance faction, the citizens of Tempor, who worked for the Merchant’s Guild in exchange for protection and housing, were left to fend for themselves in a nation that was quickly turning to looting and lawlessness. Abandoned and threatened, they joined together to form the Commoners, a faction of Tempor’s farmers and working class citizens. They fight against the greed and corruption of the Merchants Guild and the growing threat from the Mercenaries who have turned to banditry and pillaging. They firmly believe that economic wealth should be shared evenly among all Temporians so that everyone may prosper.

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