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Hands of War 3 focuses on the idea of a united Tempor. This means instead of embarking on a solo journey, you’ll be joined by fellow champions of the factions with which you choose to ally. Once you reach a certain reputation level with a faction, one of their champions will permanently join your party. You’ll be able to manage their equipment, which abilities they use, and what role they play in your party.

In addition to an auto-attack, each champion has three abilities for each of the two party roles that they can fill. For each role, one of the abilities is passive and the other two are activated abilities. All abilities have both a baseline and a modifier value. Actual damage (or healing) is determined by adding the baseline and modifier values. The modifier value for every ability is directly linked to one of the four primary attributes (strength, agility, intelligence, or grace), but the specific value by which the attribute increases the modifier value will vary from ability to ability.


Triton Steel
the Guardian of Tempor

Shadow Runners

Beldon Ax
the Shadow Knight


Malistar Thorn
the Sword of Blood


Serene Cole
the Arcane Maven


Aryn Gardius
the Sylvan Spirit


Gavin Yuri
the Rogue Hydromancer


Aeri Swift
the Widowmaker

Merchant's Guild

Axl Torin
the Arrow of Justice

Keepers of the Red Sand

Saradyn Red
the Scarlet Tempest
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