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The Hands of War games are always made up of a group of factions competing in Tempor and/or the surrounding nations. Each of the factions, beginning with Hands of War 3, is led by a single champion who excels and embodies the beliefs of their individual factions. Below are the champions for the various factions in the Hands of War games.


Triton Steel
the Guardian of Tempor


Galvanix Soul
the Hand of the Void

Shadow Runners

Beldon Ax
the Shadow Knight


Malistar Thorn
the Sword of Blood


Serene Cole
the Arcane Maven


Aryn Gardius
the Sylvan Spirit

Glorious Legion

Sakana Bain
the Maiden of Mist


Gavin Yuri
the Rogue Hydromancer


Aeri Swift
the Widowmaker

Merchant's Guild

Axl Torin
the Arrow of Justice

Keepers of the Red Sand

Saradyn Red
the Scarlet Tempest
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