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The Blademasters Faction

Faction Champion

Malistar Thorn
the Sword of Blood

First Appearance: Hands of War I
Games Involved In: Hands of War IV, Hands of War III, Hands of War TD, Hands of War II, Hands of War I
Enemy Factions: The Glorious Legion (HoW IV)
The Warders (HoW III, II, I)
The Magicians (HoW III, II, I)

Known for their strict discipline and skill with a sword, the Blademasters is an ancient faction of elite warriors with an intense disdain for anyone who lacks the courage to fight face-to-face. Following the discovery of the three Stones of Power, the Blademaster Champion, Malistar Thorn, was charged with the possession and protection of the Heartstone.

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