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Axl Torin, the Arrow of Justice

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Male Ranger (Sentinel)

Usable Weapons:

Games Appearing In:
Hands of War IV
Hands of War III

Background Story:
Average height and build with brown hair and brown eyes. Axl was born to a common Temporian family, but was orphaned by a pair of bandits who murdered his parents when he was seven. Taken in by the kind merchant who owned the land where he parents worked, Axl was trained by the merchantís huntmaster, a retired Warder, and was raised to work hard for the things he wanted, never taking what did not belong to him. Years later, haunted by the pain of losing his parents, Axl hunted down the murderers to discover the motive behind their crime. Learning that their reasons rested in their belief that life and possession could be taken by those who were strong enough to do so, Axl killed both of them and dedicated his life to protecting Temporís citizens and their property from danger. After completing his training as a Ranger, Axl joined the Merchantís Guild as its official protector and set out on his quest to rid Tempor of those who sought to take that which did not belong to them.

At the end of the second Shadow Runner invasion (Hands of War 3), Axl's Merchant's Guild, along with its two warring factions, found themselves hopelessly few in numbers. The struggle to eliminate the theiving Mercenaries and socialist Commoners weakened the Merchants to a point where they could no longer remain together. With a heavy heart, Axl disbanded the ranks and encouraged the few members to continue to seek justice on their own. When the Voidbringer invasion began, Axl set up a meeting with an old friend - Triton Steel. After some initial initiations, Axl joined the Alliance faction as a high-ranking commander, eager to push back these new invaders.

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