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Averin Daze, the Black Arrow

The Glorious Legion

Male Ranger (Stalker)

Usable Weapons:

Games Appearing In:
Hands of War IV

Background Story:
A Child of the Void does not feel.
A Child of the Void shows no mercy.
A Child of the Void has no Fear.

These are the ideals of the Void. In order to survive as a Child of the Void, Averin Daze learned these truths at a young age. In the eyes of his peers, Averin showed promise. He relentlessly pursued perfection in all areas, but all the while yearned secretly for something more. Keeping his true nature in the shadows by day, he would spend his nights in the wilderness. After many nights spent in the wild, he was soon able to hide his presence just as effectively as his true nature. Able to move swiftly and without sound, he began spending his nights stalking the Voidbringer elite. On the eve of a great battle, he overheard a conversation between Galvanix Soul and his father Esserix, the Champion of the Void.

He discovered that the Voidbringer army had negotiated terms with the enemy, The Glorious Legion. The Legion had been allowed to maintain their identity, at the cost of fealty to the Void. As time passed, Averin's passion for the hunt surpassed his desire to conform, and he made the choice to leave the Voidbringers before he reached conscription age. Making use of his talents, he left his home without a trace and found his way to the Glorious Legion where he began collecting information covertly. After several nights spent listening to their soldiers and leaders, he came to understand that he and the Legion shared similar views, but he had to hear it from the voice of their leader, Sakana Bain, before he would make himself known. That night, he crept through the camp slowly and found a place nearly out of earshot of the command tents, but no sounds came. He sauntered closer to where he could hear a young girl humming to herself within. Abruptly he felt the chill of cold steel caressed against the skin of his neck, and the words whispered softly in his ear,
      "All you have to do is ask, Black Arrow, just ask." In an instant she was gone. The morning after, Averin knelt before Sakana and asked,
      "Will you have me?" and she responded with a wry smile.
      "That I will, Black Arrow, that I will."

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