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Faction Champions

Triton Steel
the Guardian of Tempor

Maris Dae
the Radiant Light

Axl Torin
the Arrow of Justice

First Appearance: Hands of War I
Games Involved In: Hands of War IV, Hands of War III, Hands of War I
Enemy Factions: The Voidbringers (HoW IV)
The Shadow Runners (HoW III, I)

Description - Hands of War IV
The Alliance is the governing body and military force of Tempor. Long ago formed out of desperation from the remnants of two warring factions, the Alliance upholds the tenants of justice, equality, and peace -- and are not afraid to do what is necessary to maintain them within their borders. Temporian citizens look to the Alliance for protection from bandits, foreign invaders, or other lawbreakers.

Description - Hands of War III
Much like what was done at the end of the first civil war, following the defense and reunification of Tempor, the members of the Guardians and Phoenix factions set aside their differences to forge the Alliance faction. The Alliance now is the governing body and most powerful faction in Tempor. They stand for peace, justice, and equality, and protect the citizens of Tempor from all threats foreign and domestic.

Description - Hands of War I
Made up of the citizens and guards of the free cities, during Hands of War, The Alliance was the governing body of Tempor. They fought to rid the land of the Shadow Runners and restore the peace they provided under their rule.

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