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Aeri Swift, the Widowmaker

The Voidbringers
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Female Ranger (Deadeye)

Usable Weapons:

Games Appearing In:
Hands of War IV
Hands of War III

Background Story:
Average height and thin with brown hair and blue eyes, Aeri is as deadly as she is beautiful. Born to an oppressed family, Aeriís childhood was polluted by the greed and oppression of the nobleman that owned the land where her parents worked and lived. After catching Aeri stealing food for her starving family, the ruling merchant had both of her parents executed, commenting that they would serve as an example of what happens to those who take what is not theirs. Vowing revenge against the Mechantís Guild she sought out the Mercenaries where she learned to channel her hatred to end the corruption of the noblemen. Focused and unfettered by concerns of laws or morals, Aeri quickly became one of the most skilled archers in Tempor and is regarded as the fastest person alive.

At the end of the second Shadow Runner invasion (Hands of War 3), Aeri's Mercenaries, along with its two warring factions, found themselves hopelessly few in numbers. The fighting during the search to restore the Heartstone left the Mercenaries too weak to continue as a faction. Many of the members sought glory, fame, and riches in the new fighting pits of the Keepers of the Red Sand, but when the Voidbringers invaded Tempor, Aeri saw joining their ranks as an opportunity to continue the work she began with the Mercenaries. After enlisting with the Voidbringers, Aeri wasted no time in making herself known, impressing Galvanix Soul with her speed and accuracy so much that he promoted her to an officer's position. Aeri is not one to be tied down, and if the opportunity ever presents itself to resurrect her old faction, you can bet that she will.

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